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Bell the CAT 2021 using Step by Step CAT Preparation Guide

by Manish Gupta 2021-09-15

Bell the CAT 2021 using Step by Step CAT Preparation Guide

Only a few months left for CAT 2021! 

CAT 2021 is scheduled to be conducted on November 28 and so there is much less time left if viewed from a preparation point of view. If you have not started your preparation yet, today's blog guides you from start to finish about how to make most of the remaining time for CAT preparation to bell CAT 2021 with top percentiles and be at par with those who have been preparing since earlier.

Time required for CAT preparation? 

How many months preparation is required for the CAT? Few aspirants remain in dilemma about how much preparation is required for CAT or whether they would be able to crack it if they start preparing from now. This is not that there is the huge CAT preparation time required to succeed in results. This is one of the many myths about the CAT exam

CAT Preparation In 3 Months

How to start preparation for CAT? 

CAT is an aptitude test that tests your ability to solve problems in DILR, VARC, and Quants. If you are not yet familiar with the syllabus and exam pattern of CAT 2021, do check it here. All of the sections are more or less known to you, so you would first have to undergo a CAT mock test which you can also avail from our free mock tests inventory. You would see that many questions were solvable even without preparing. That's the beauty of the CAT exam, it doesn't test your hardcore subjects' knowledge, just basics till 10th or maximally 12th level. 

First to start CAT preparation at home, put yourself to attempt a first mock test of your journey of preparation for CAT 2021. This is all to evaluate you on where you stand on your first day and what your target is to achieve in the next coming months. It's also necessary for the sense that after giving a mock test, your underestimation of the CAT exam and overestimation of your self capabilities, if any, neutralizes and you would get motivated to push yourself to the mastery level. 

As an alternative to attempting CAT mock, you can pick any Mock or previous year paper and start analyzing all the questions asked while side by side referring to solutions. This will also give you an idea of the questions asked in CAT. But the first option is more preferable, as along with getting familiar with questions, you will get familiar with your abilities too which is not seeming effective in option 2.

Now, you must be clear that preparation for CAT is a must to clear all your concepts, increase your accuracy, develop a strategy in approaching solutions and thus boost speed. After all, CAT is an exam of attempting maximum questions accurately and speedily within a time limit of just 2 hours. 

Time Table For CAT Preparation In 3 Months 

Before Jumping into self preparation for CAT, make a CAT preparation timetable inclusive of all the sections per day. In the first month, it is gonna be a little hectic as you have to understand the concepts as well as practice questions. Your schedule for CAT preparation must have enough time breaks and must put more focus on your weakness areas. You can also take the help of the CAT preparation daily schedule feature available on the website. Further, if you are looking for a CAT preparation strategy for working professionals, know extra about how to manage time for CAT Preparation with a job. CAT preparation without coaching is feasible when you follow your rightly scheduled timetable. You can also take support from Acadergy where the best resources along with doubt solving sessions from IIM mentors are readily available. 

First Month Section-Wise Preparation Strategy

CAT Quant Preparation

It is a section where conceptual clarity is a must. Choose any one source of your further study and stick to that only. Check out the best books for CAT preparation for Quants as well as other sections. Start working on covering all the topics there. After every topic you grasp, solve at least 10 questions immediately. This will make you understand how to apply those concepts to complex problems. After having done with all concepts which is hardly a matter of 15 days, give sectional mocks for the next 15 days to uncover all types of problems in Quants. 

VARC preparation for CAT (aka CAT English preparation) 

The section is not difficult but time-consuming on the negative side. If you are not a reading enthusiast, start developing a habit of reading editorials and novels. Reading just is not enough as you need to push efforts towards reading faster, skimming, interpreting, and memorizing paras, otherwise if after reading, u can't tell what was para 2 about, it will go to waste and putting efforts into reading again as a time-wasting activity is not desirable. For the vocabulary part, start making at least 10 words each day. Our mind remembers only those words for which we have some experience by making a visualization for each word by associating it to something that it really means and using it in a context. Also, strengthen your Grammar from basics as it is something that everyone knows but lacks somewhere, thus necessitating clearing fundamentals. You can also refer to our best youtube channel for CAT preparation videos for learning fundamental concepts. Side by side, start giving sectional tests for VARC for the next 30 days. By the time you are proficient in reading, vocabulary, and Grammar, you will have given several tests to get acquainted with the type of VARC questions asked in CAT. 

CAT preparation schedule for DILR 

It's all about making complex info into a simple form. Here your mathematical abilities come to rescue. To develop a logical approach to different kinds of Logical Reasoning and Data interpretation problems, make a plan to solve at least 15 questions daily for the next 1 month. This will make around 450 DILR problems covered in a month which is more than enough to bring confidence. What's more necessary is to learn from each mistake in any question and develop your solution-approaching strategies. Even solving 1000+ questions wouldn't be effective if you are not finding patterns in all your solutions. By finding patterns, it means to get an understanding of how all questions are interrelated and solvable by applying a logical order of mathematical operations.

There also seems to be a lack of motivation while working hard for CAT. At this time, you can read about the journeys of CAT toppers and life after admission into your dream B-School. Do check it here for life in IIM Ahmedabad which may charge you up again. 

2nd month CAT Preparation Strategy

Attempting Full-fledged Mocks 

Till now you must have made some strong grip on each of the sections or even if not, attempting full-fledged mock tests would fill the gap. Full-fledged mocks allow you to feel like the actual CAT, requiring you to fetch maximum scores within 2 hours. Attempt at least 2 mocks per week with a keen focus on analyzing your performance after each mock. 

Analysing Pain Points

Starting with the overall score, go deep into section wise score, accuracy rate, time taken question-wise and section-wise. List all the questions

  1. where you lacked i.e solved incorrectly
  2. which you solved but took more time
  3. which you could solve had the time been more
  4. which you couldn't solve irrespective of time pressure. 

For the first category questions, find your mistakes in approaching the problem, for 2, find out the right strategy to be followed, for 3, improve your speed, for 4, interpret the problem again in detail and try to do some operations on the problem, check with the reference material regarding how they solved, or if you are lacking the required conceptual base for that problem, go back to your study source and revise throughout.

3rd month CAT preparation Schedule - First 3 Weeks

Going through Previous Years CAT

Along with mocks, solve at least the past 10 years' CAT papers. You will get to know the difficulty level, the psyche of the question paper setter, and the similar pattern of problems in a section over the years. You would be able to forecast to some extent about what to expect in CAT 2021. U can download all slot papers of previous years by clicking on download CAT preparation material free pdfs

As you might already have your admit card this month, it would even be better to go as per your slot timings. Why this is necessary is because you would get adjusted to this particular timing and eventually wouldn't face tremors during D-day. Just keep a small dose of revision each day scrolling through your notes, solutions, mistakes list you prepared in the first 2 months. What more you can do is to go through a proctored mock test where an examiner will tightly observe you during your test time. Check once the benefits of Proctored mock tests in your CAT prep. 

Last week CAT 2021 Preparation Tips

Everything should now be relaxed and your frequency of any preparation should be dropped to negligible amounts. This is a time to keep your mind fresh and cool. Don't go through any new concepts now. Protect your health from potential diseases, indulge yourself in physical activities, and ensure mental recreation by watching movies. 

The CAT day

If your slot timing is in the morning, wake up early and meditate for mental stability. For late slots also, refrain yourself from distracting from other activities as it may have an impact on your mental focus. Just stay in a peaceful environment the whole time before appearing for CAT. 

At last, it's your dedication that brings wonders for your success. Conceptual clarity, revision, and practice should be property adhered to in your timetable for CAT preparation 2021. Acadergy proves to be your destined place as a CAT preparation website. You can do the whole of your  CAT 2021 preparation online by subscribing to our latest plans. Also, there are CAT exam online preparation free resources which you can optionally refer to start your studies. Make the most of them and ultimately boost your percentile!