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CAT 2021 Free Mocks

by Manish Gupta 2021-09-05

CAT 2021 Free Mocks - Best way to boost your CAT Percentile

The CAT exam is fast approaching its deadline and there is only a small portion of time left to finally appear for it. In such a case, to elevate your current preparation to the next level, you need to sit for a hefty number of mock tests. 

We at Acadergy have simplified your search for the best free mock tests on the internet as we bring to you plenty of best cat mock test series as a part of our best free CAT prep resources, which you can make use of to avail the following features and translate them into meaningful benefits. 

CAT Mock Tests- Designed by Top IIM graduates

All the layout, section-wise pattern, level of difficulty, category of questions in each of the sections: Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning; Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension; and Quants of our free CAT Mock test question papers are designed by top experts graduated from the IIMs. The actual CAT exam too is prepared by IIM faculties, thus our mock test ensures that you match the CAT standards. Also, you would be able to assess the psyche of the examiner so as to get a rough idea of what to expect on D-day. 

Real-Time CAT Mock Tests Free

We have all of the CAT online mock tests on a real-time basis which you can attempt anytime and from anywhere. As soon as you click on the start test, you will be promoted to the question page with a built-in timer. A 2 hours tick tick will keep on reminding you of the time left to complete the remaining questions. They are not in a downloadable format where you can solve any question without any time limits. Here, the timer starts as soon as you press enter and then you would have to undergo the time pressure put on you and finish as many questions as you can till the timer strikes zero. Just in case you need a self-paced downloadable free mock test for CAT , refer to our CAT mock test papers with solutions pdf. 

As per the new CAT Pattern

As compared to the old pattern, the new CAT exam pattern requires you to attempt out of 76 questions worth 228 marks in a total duration of 2 hours. Our CAT online mock test series run on this new pattern so you get the required exposure for CAT 2021.

Taste of actual CAT platform

Experiencing what goes on D-Day in advance is one of the many benefits of attempting mocks. Our mock platform is built taking into consideration the user interface and experience of the actual CAT exam. Right from the start to the end, we have taken care of everything so you don't miss the real feel of CAT. The way you check and agree to the guidelines or instructions of the exam, you select your answer from the 4 options, you save and proceed to the next question, you submit the section, and then end the whole exam, all have been made to match the appearance of your real CAT.

 On the question page, you would be able to see

  • the timer, always reminding you of the total time left, 
  • the calculator, accessible wherever the need arises, 
  • question palette having filled all the question boxes with different colors indicating answered, not answered, mark for review questions and questions not visited. 
  • button for clearing the response to undo the option you selected previously. 
  • button to mark a question for review in case you are not sure about the answer and want to come back to it sometime later. 
  • a button of "save and next" to lock the option selected and move to the next question.

If you don't want to attend mock tests for CAT on this designed platform, you can also download the cat mock test pdf.

Section-Wise Performance Report

We truly believe that action without a goal is a waste action. The action of attempting cat mock papers should be linked with the goal of analysing your performance in it. 

After every free CAT mock test you attempt from Acadergy, you will get a free analysis of your overall exam performance as well as section-wise performance. This includes time taken in each question of a section including minimum, maximum and average time, number of wrong attempts, accuracy level, etc.

Comparison analysis with toppers performance

CAT is a competitive exam where your percentile (which is relative to the competition) is considered instead of absolute marks. Whatever you are scoring must be compared with top performers so as to get a comparative analysis of your and theirs performance and thus reach their level, as remaining on the creamy layer by cracking the top percentiles is what everyone's aim is. 

In this need, we bring to you our feature of toppers performance comparison analysis where not just your scores will be compared with toppers, but also the questions they attempted, time taken in each question including minimum, maximum and average time, section-wise scores, and much more is analyzed. 

Hope you would gain the maximum utility from these Free CAT mock tests as the features that these mock tests are delivering to you would prove to be substantially efficacious in your CAT preparation and ultimately boost your CAT percentile! Further, step up a more advanced ladder with Acadergy by enrolling in proctored mock test series included in our premium offerings. Know more about proctored mock tests and their benefits and make the right choice for yourself.