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CAT 2021 Preparation Strategy by Toppers

by Manish Gupta 2021-08-09

Looking into CAT Toppers strategy- What's the secret? 

Toppers are more appreciated and searched for their strategy in the CAT preparation that leads them to the 99+ percentile. Though it's not advised to follow all the single lines of them, as even toppers among themselves are so different, still there are some common behaviors that you will find from interviews of every CAT topper you will come across. So let's throw some light on some of the tips they all have shared, so as to get a rough idea of how to prepare for CAT 2021.

How to Start Preparing for CAT 2021? 

Time required to prepare for CAT? Starting Early! 

Most of the CAT toppers start at least 7 months back to distribute the time for preparation, revision, and practice so that all of the study burdens don't get apportioned to the last months. It's an easy-to-go strategy where you study for normal hours in the beginning and then ramp up as the date of CAT approaches. The CAT 2021 syllabus is vast, so covering each topic gradually will lead you to finish it in the first 3-4 months, thereby giving ample time to go for the CAT test series. All of the mentioned points are valid even if you are looking for CAT preparation strategy in 6 months or more

Toppers Tips for CAT 2021- Know your Priorities

This is important to become familiar with what you would be covering for the next few months. Also, whatever you have done in graduation may prove to be beneficial in your CAT studies. For example, a literature graduate may find the VARC section less difficult and someone with a STEM background may find quants easier. Many previous years CAT toppers shared that their academic background helps to some extent in a particular section, thus enabling time for working more on other weaker sections. 

Selecting the best resources for CAT 2021

You are not required to do your preparation from every CAT study material available as many sources don't come with the questions matching standards of the CAT exam and will rather create unnecessary confusion. Select only one platform to look after all your needs. Get more references on the best books to prepare for CAT 2021 here

How Toppers Prepare for CAT 2021| Going through CAT 2021 Mocks Journey

Attempting Mocks

The need for mocks is not to be overemphasized as it is evident also from what toppers reveal. You will find many instances where they did nothing except giving mocks regularly. Mocks are not just your test tool, they are your preparation as well as a revision tool. Most of the toppers including Meet Agarwal, who also is a 100%iler, solved over 60 mocks in the entire duration. 

Analysing Mocks

Each mock gives you a sign of the mentality of the exam setter. Analyzing each question asked in terms of the level of difficulty, frequency or repentance will give you an idea of what you can expect from the examiner in the upcoming test. 

Analyzing Yourself

More important is analyzing yourself after attempting mocks.  Even if you secured more scores in your current test as opposed to the previous, it can't be said whether you improved or not. You might be scoring well in a section while others may be lagging behind. 

Analyzing is coming out with all sorts of relevant information from your performance. It may include a separate list of time taken for each question, the average time of solving a question, in which questions did you take minimum time and maximum time, how much time are you taking in each section, what's your accuracy rate, which questions you attempted wrong and where you wasted your time. All of this should be your important part of CAT preparation strategy and will lead you to the checklist of rectifications and ameliorations after every attempt, which needs to be taken care of in forthcoming tests. 

Corrective Actions

If you are suffering in a particular section, sectional tests would take care of it. So, before trying full-fledged mock tests, you should feel comfortable in your weaker sections by deliberately focusing on them. Apart, if you are lacking somewhere in grasping the context of the question, you need to search for the concept or the whole topic once again and understand it properly following with sample questions. Gradually, working on your shortcomings will eventually advance you on your CAT journey. 

CAT preparation strategy for working professionals

It is not at all necessary to leave the job and sit home for the preparation. Many CAT toppers in the past prepared by giving extra 2-3 hours in the morning and night and more time on weekends.  Vishesh Garg, 99.99 percentiler of CAT 2020 shared that he managed to handle all of the lectures, practice, and tests on weekends despite having a 12 hours hectic job. Read more about managing a job with CAT prep here

Last-minute strategies for CAT 2021

The last few days are not for working on concepts and weaknesses. Instead, all of the time should be devoted to giving as many mocks as possible. This would mold you to score best within deadlines and make you resilient towards exam pressures.  This is the phase of selective preparation where you should not run for any new topic, as your quality of understanding may suffer and you may create unnecessary confusion and thus wasting your crucial time. 

Now your call... 

All the CAT toppers achieved their success because of their discipline and consistency. That also doesn't mean sacrificing fun and recreation. CAT doesn't demand your whole day if you manage well. Including all of the above-mentioned tips from CAT toppers in the course of your preparation would certainly be beneficial to make you crack the 99 percentile and be the next topper. For your preparation to go uninterrupted, Acadergy has come up with its comprehensive packages making it easier for you to access all the resources at one place. Kick start your CAT 2021 prep with us.