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Free CAT Exam Prep Resources

by Manish Gupta 2021-08-15

Preparation leads! 

CAT is an exam that is given by over 2 lakh applicants every year. Those who remain on the top list are usually seen as products of hard work and it shows how much preparation must be involved behind. In today's blog, several free CAT 2021 resources are being shared to help you ace your preparation and cost-effectively get the maximum benefit. All of the CAT free study materials mentioned below are not less than premium offerings and are carefully designed to suit your CAT prep needs. 

CAT 2021 Free CAT Mocks and Analysis

Acadergy offers online free CAT mock tests designed by IIM grads to enable students to test themselves with their knowledge and skills. They are simple to attempt, just click on register and attempt for a continuous 2 hours without any break in between. This is how actual CAT runs, thus giving you the required exposure along with additional benefits associated with CAT online mocks.

Not only this, with our free CAT test series, you would be provided with the analysis report of your section-wise performance so as to assess your CAT worth and come out with conclusions of your mistakes.  Also, we have a comparative analysis feature where you can track your CAT Mock performance with your batch toppers seeing how they went and thus bring forward the necessary improvements you need to inculcate. 

Free CAT Practice Sample Papers with Solutions

When you want to strengthen yourself in a section and are done with the fundamental conceptual base, all that remains is testing all the flavors of questions in a section. Our platform is flooded with section-wise question banks covering all types of CAT 2021 questions that can be tested in each of the sections of the CAT exam. While solving, you will encounter new types of questions, new difficulties, your hidden weaknesses, and your method of approaching answers. This will sometimes lead you to understand a concept again if the problem lies in interpreting the question. 

Free CAT Previous Years Question Papers with Solutions

It is important to go through all the previous years' CAT exams to check for their pattern, level of difficulty, new questions added, and your ability to crack them. We host numerous previous years' papers for every year and every slot. In addition, all theCAT  question papers are provided with the corresponding solutions to check for verification with your answers. You can view the CAT 2020 question paper, CAT 2019 question paper and many more for all the preceding years. 

Free CAT Video Lectures

Reading books is now taking a backseat due to the evolution of digital learning modes and within that too, the audio-visual teaching-learning process is accelerating.  Covering concepts through videos is much more effective and efficient than any other source available today. Acadergy in this regard makes you available free CAT lectures prepared by experts in their respective subjects. 

We boast ample video lectures for clearing the concepts in various fields including vocabulary, reading comprehension, English Grammar, basic and advanced mathematics, and so on. All the video lectures are made with visual graphics, animations, and an easy-to-understand language and tone. 

CAT Important Formulas as handy preparation material

You may feel cumbersome to remember and jot down all the formulas needed in CAT 2021 in one place. Taking this need into consideration, we collected all the mathematical formulas into one place according to the domain they belong to like number system, algebra, averages, speed, time and distance,  geometry, mensuration, probability, etc. This will help you to take a reference whenever you would get stuck in some question, without surfing the whole internet or your study resources. All in all, we have made available the best free CAT resources that you can make use of to supplement your CAT 2021 preparation journey. Though all the materials will surely make you improve over the days, it would be the cherry on the cake if you go through our premium plans to have all sorts of materials and features that may boost your preparation to the next level and make you CAT ready. Also, just in case you need, we provide an option to book a session with top IIM graduates to get all your doubts about CAT preparation cleared.