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How to Manage Full Time Job and CAT Preparation Simultaneously

by Pratham Aggarwal 2021-07-18

"Consistency develops routines and builds momentum"

CAT preparation is the biggest challenge for all MBA aspirants, but it becomes more challenging for those who do it with their respective jobs. Such students have to face a lot of workloads, regarding devotion of time and efforts towards two different things at the same time. These candidates are always in dilemma, whether to quit the job or not. So, the question arises How to manage a full-time job and CAT simultaneously?

Job experience becomes a plus point for a CAT candidate, and thus increases the chance of getting selected into a good Business school. But it is not at all easy to manage both simultaneously. Setting up a routine becomes important for such candidates. To achieve something, we all have to make sacrifices and just think about the day and the pleasure that a person will get after achieving his/her goals. Time management and routine are important elements in CAT preparation. People doing a job, usually start their preparation early and have a plethora of days. They need to understand that studying for more hours is not important, but consistency is the key.

They need to devote at least 2 hours daily towards their CAT preparation. Apart from this, they should get the habit of reading newspapers or business magazines on daily basis. They can do this while traveling to their offices. These would help them in their examination. There will be many distractions in the way of preparation, but for such candidates, a strict routine is very important. There will be times when your friends and family parties would force you to skip your studies and you will be distracted by the fact that, a day does not matter enough. The candidate needs to understand the concept of consistency and how important is to practice on a regular basis. Skipping even a day of preparation will break your momentum and will ultimately lead to wasting all the efforts, you had put in. It is also important to give equal time to all three sections. The candidate must clear his/her concepts first and then practice as much as they can for better results. This might sound very rigid but one needs to follow such rigid rules and be a man of principles while hunting for a goal.

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”

This quote can be motivating for those who strive hard for excellence. Imagining the day, you’ll be sitting in one of your dream MBA colleges, say IIM A will help you get going. There is no need to feel pressured, rather stay optimistic in every situation and face it. Thus, candidates with a disciplined routine and a tough, as well as an optimistic mindset can even face the hurdle of managing their CAT preparation along with their job.