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Key benefits of CAT 2021 Proctored Live Mock Tests

by Manish Gupta 2021-09-05

CAT 2021 Proctored Live Test - Importance and Key Benefits

Table of contents

  • CAT Proctored Live Mock Tests
  • Benefits of live CAT Mock test
    • Feel of the Real Exam
    • No Leniency
    • Give you the actual scores
    • All benefits of Mock tests
  • After Mock benefits
    • Analysis of performance
    • Doubt Solving Sessions

CAT Proctored Live Mock Testst'

It's always said to test yourself to know your worth. While you may be going through a series of online CAT mock tests to keep your preparation on, this is not always enough to just give it at your own pace. Here comes the need for proctored live mock tests where you will be sitting in the surveillance of an invigilator or proctor. It's just not an add-on thing that you can do, but also proves to be a necessity owing to its importance listed below.

Feel of the Real CAT Exam

You are not going to give the actual CAT exam without someone to oversee you for the duration. That's where Proctored live mock tests come in handy where you will be able to assess the pressure of being in supervision, all before the date. The pressure of that countdown alarm makes you feel the real scenario. It's like a simulated environment for you, where you have already experienced the war before actually fighting it. 

Though utilizing the practicing free online mocks would give you some sort of support in your practice, having a proctor looking over your shoulder during the entire mock duration is what will give you the real feel, and it's where you will absorb the full worth of mock tests. 

Supervised Live CAT Mock - No Leniency 

You can't afford to be lenient during a proctored live mock, since time would be running out and there is no chance of extra time given to you which you might provide yourself had it been a self-paced mock test. There may be a possibility that you would be turning to some supporting material for your reference while getting stuck in some questions, but there is no chance of yours to do the same in the live CAT online mock.  

Key benefits of Mock tests

Since proctored mock tests are also the same in pattern and difficulty as your unproctored ones, this goes without saying that they give you all the existing merits of online mock tests for CAT say checking the areas of your strength in all three sections be it QA, DILR or VARC, uncovering the weaknesses, making a right strategy during the exam, time management, selecting the appropriate questions besides the additional merits accompanied with proctoring. 

Check your Real Preparation with Live Mocks

When you try to attempt CAT sample papers on your own without a proctor, owing to some relaxations that you give to yourself (like taking some breaks or resorting to cheatings in between), you miss the real scores that you would be getting had you remained honest and punctual during the CAT test. So, sitting with a proctor is like turning into a serious mode and getting only what you deserve.  

After Online Mock benefits

Analysis of performance

Now when you have given the sample CAT with a tight posture, it would be more beneficial to track the progress. You would be having a section-wise analysis of your scores, where you took the least and most time, where you attempted wrong, and your scopes of improvement. Not only this, you can analyze your performance with the toppers so as to arrive after all the major points that you are missing and hence improve your scores in this process. 

Online CAT Doubt Sessions

No doubt, after having exposure to proctored mock tests, you will encounter many new questions and new types of difficulties. Not all the doubts are self solvable, hence requiring some mentor to throw up new insights for speedy solutions to the problems. At Acadergy, top IIM mentors are provided, with whom you can book online doubt sessions, so you never remain in doubt after each test. 

To conclude, going through the proctored mock tests can prepare you well for the day of CAT, where you would be testing the real hard work you would have done before. Proctoring at Acadergy makes it easy for you to sail through your preparation. Have a check, all the best.